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Future Horizons (HK) LIMITED

  • Located at Hong Kong, RM 2309, 23/F, Ho King Comm CTR, 2-16 Fayuen St., Mongkok Kowloon HK, ID 1819704.

The Customer

  • Located at the address entered during the registration and, once verified, is becoming a  Member.

Ad Packages - Banners and Customised advertising texts inside our websites

  • All our products and services are reserved and available to our registered Members;
  • Different Ad Packages can be purchased singularly or multiples
  • Each purchased Ad Package allows to publish and use dedicated space  inside our websites
    • Banner, Nr. 500 Web Visibility for each Ad Package, customized by the Member (*)(**)
    • Text, Nr. 500 Web Visibility for each Ad Package, customized by the Member (**)
    • The assignment of an Open Receptive Quota (ORQ) for each Ad Package.
    • Publishing verification service, management of Web Visibility counter, monitoring and  statistics on  the clicks made on each proprietary banner or text
    • Publishing repeat with data visibility starting from any following Ad Package order.
    • Web space rental to load banner on our website
    • (*) Graphic Service to create a banner using the emailed customer info (available  for a minimum order of 30 Ad Package)
    • (**  Support service for Text preparation and for loading banner on our website .

Newsletters reserved to all Free, Pro Members and both

  • Newsletters for all product promotions, services and special packages
  • For Pro Members, newsletters concerning Contest and Bonus deriving from the network marketing

Market survey reserved to all registered Members

  • All registered Members can forward  their specific inquiries concerning products and/or services that they would like to find in the Future Horizons (HK) LTD e-Commerce
  • All registered Members could be contacted to express their opinion concerning  products and/or services that F.H could activate in the Future Horizons (HK) LTD e-commerce

Products and Services costs

  • Future Horizons (HK) LTD makes available its Ad Package at the unit price of $ 5.00
  • The Member, whenever he likes, can buy from 1 to a maximum of 500 Ad Pckage for every single order.
  • The Ad Package is not subject to withdrawal as the service is immediate, specific of the Member and the Bonus and Royalties are immediately assigned

registration  Method
Registration as a Member

  • The registration is totally free
  • The access is subject to the highlighting of a registered Member
  • The personal data, under the responsibility of the new Member, must be truthful

Email Verification  of a new Member - Member FREE ( without purchasing of products and/or services)

  • The new verified Member, called Member Free,  is the one who has not purchased any Ad Package
  • Each Member receives an email with the confirmation of his own “username” and “password”
  • The Member can enter freely his own protected area (Back Office) typing in the menu “Login”

The first order,- Member PRO (after the purchase of products and services)

  • Each Member can promote Future Horizons (HK) LTD products and/or services
  • Each Member can purchase, to his complete discretion, the products and services he likes, directly from Future Horizons (HK) LTD. After the first purchase he will become a permanent Member PRO.

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